I slept for 17 hours straight…

I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 5pm, not the best start to my summer holidays. I had the weirdest dream, as if I was the main character of a Murakami novel. I feel that I have to write this dream down, seeing how I always forget what my dreams are about, and how fucked up this dream was.

I met a girl in this dream, who happened to be my ex-neighbor. We were instantly attracted to each other. Somehow I find out she’s my half-sister on my mother’s side, and then she starts making out with me and I just couldn’t tell her we’re actually blood-related. She asked me out on a date the next day and I couldn’t say no. Then the next day, I was late by half an hour and I find her making out with a random guy who happened to be her boyfriend. I cannot believe I am jealous (that’s just messed up), but I was jealous, of her making out with this guy, even though she’s my half-sister!! I get upset and then my mom randomly shows up and I yell: “Mom, this girl is your daughter! How could you cheat on dad like that!!” and then I woke up and realized that mom never cheated on dad, I didn’t have a half-sister and I didn’t have a crush on anyone AND it was 5pm!!! I wasted my whole day on that dream!


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