A week of lethargy

The past week has been…unproductive to say the least – I have not been efficiently carrying out my summer goals (i’ve just been stoned all day everyday)!!! I have not started exercising, working on my film, guitar-ing or learning to edit films yet. This is why I have not updated my blog. It must be the humidity, the newly acquired ability to drive, the LOVELY FOOD (see below), and the home-alone factors that have stymied my overall progress.

Also, I acquired a new goal this week because Derrick told me that he was going to sell of all his magic cards this summer and I decided that I should too (another stupid goal I should add to my list, but I won’t because I can’t believe I still have those cards!! what can I say! it was peer pressure at the age of 12!! ;)). Poker-wise, I did make a live profit of HKD 3k, albeit not a very significant achievement.

Despite all my lazing about, I did manage to finish a book – The Time Traveler’s Wife – a book I’ve been meaning to read for a very long time. It was better than I expected (I’m clearly not an avid reader) and the whole concept of time travel and the inability to alter fate was a rather cool plot device. Also, the fact that the story is narrated from both Clare and Henry’s (the lovers) perspectives makes for a good lesson in knowing-what-girls-think-about-psychology, especially when the same event is told from both points of view. However, once I got past 200 pages the story seemed to kind of drag on and there were many pointless chapters, like for example when they narrate about the dreams they’ve had. WTF lol… but still a very engaging read and well worth the time (well I always feel productive when I’m reading).

Anyway time for some pics of food (SORRY NOT FROM MY PHONE)!

CHA SIU FAN (bbq pork rice)
CHA SIU FAN (bbq pork rice)

That’s all for today. The next time I update will most likely be when I’m in LA (soon!)


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