3 days in LA

En route our way to Peru, we stopped over in LA for a few days. It was nice to stopover and revisit California for I missed the weather, the food, and cheap outlet shopping, and I was able to meet a few old friends which is always a bonus. On the way to LA, I sat in the new Cathay Pacific business class for the first time thanks to having enough mileage…

Aboard Cathay Pacific's new business class
Aboard Cathay Pacific's new business class

It was really cool how the seat was able to transform into a flat bed, and each person had their own private suite…


I watched two movies on the plane: He’s just not that into you and The Class.

He’s just not that into you was really entertaining and at some parts funny. I always enjoy movies and books that attempt to explain the psychology of human beings, even if, as was the case in this film, they’re not always true. The Class was a film on an entirely different level. It’s a Palm D’or film about a French teacher with the best intentions who cares too much and gets into trouble with the problems of a bad 15 year old student. It’s an amazing film because it has a documentary-like feel, a very strong ensemble of actors (even the young cast of students were really convincing) and an incredible build-up of plot that made me feel as though I was part of the class. I really felt the teacher’s frustrations as he dealt with kids and their fickle immaturity. When I arrived in LA we went to watch The Transformers 2. I fell asleep halfway through the movie (it was a really LOUD ACTION movie). I had never fell asleep during a movie before so to me it was quite a revelation. It sucked.

Flowers and letters reading "sorry for your loss" placed around the star of The Jacksons
Flowers and letters reading "sorry for your loss" placed around the star of The Jacksons

If there was something I would never forget from my LA visit it would be Michael Jackson’s sudden death. My sister picked me up from the airport at around 2pm (she went to USC for a year), and as she was driving me back to her apartment, I turned on the radio. I hadn’t had a chance to tune in to a good radio station for a long time as Hong Kong has never had any stations featuring good music. As we were driving past UCLA, the radio commentator suddenly announced the confirmation of Michael Jackson’s death, just as if everyone had expected it. I thought it was a joke. Michael Jackson was to perform in London next month, and the radio commentator had said it too casually for so big a story. I checked out the story after I arrived and it turns out Michael Jackson was dead. What’s more, he died in his LA home and his death was confirmed by doctors in UCLA less than an hour ago! It felt so bizarre that Michael Jackson, one of my most revered childhood idols, dies the moment I touch down in the same city!

I don’t know why, but the next day I felt that I had an obligation to pay his star a visit. It still feels so surreal that he’s gone! Unfortunately, his star at the Chinese theater was blocked off by officials, so we went to the star of The Jacksons. It really felt good to know that people still sympathize with his death even through all the scandalous events that took place during his life.

View from Hollywood Highland mall. Lots of TV cameras near MJ's star
View from Hollywood Highland mall. Lots of TV cameras near MJ's star

The next day we visited family who just arrived in San Gabriel. It’s a part of LA so infested with Chinese that it felt more like a “Chinacity” than a Chinatown; in fact, it felt more like we were in Shenzhen than in California. Everywhere there were English words, there were Chinese words. Apparently, this was where the FOBs get off their boats lol…the Vietnamese food was really good though!

We had a feast!!
We had a feast!!
In N Out kitchen at work
Speaking of food, cheap and tasty In N Out burgers!

That’s all for now, will update in a couple of days in Peru!!!


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