The Maxims of Manhood by Jeff Wilser

This is an outstanding book (for guys). It’s so funny and so true, I think the rules apply to the real world. Here are my favorite rules/maxims.

#1. Tip well – Proper tipping shows that you are worldly, and you’re not a tight ass.

#2. You only recognize primary colors – Man can only register red, green, blue, black and white.

#3. Know how to give a compliment – Many don’t have it in themselves to compliment others. Real men know how to issue a compliment without kissing ass.

#4. Never say “blossom” – Or “lovely”, “handsome”, “delightful”, “super”.

#5. Keep an empty urinal between you and the next guy

#6. Do not overpack – It violates the principle of not giving a shit.

#7. Outperform the GPS – Relying on the GPS breeds complacency, laziness.

#8. Use the diaper bag only for diapers

#9. Celebrate birthdays like you celebrate Tuesday – Unless it’s your 21st or your girlfriend’s birthday.

#10. Never take sides against the family – Your family is the best family in the world and the best family in history.

#11. Never switch your favorite team – It’s like betraying your core principles

#13. Shun networking guy – When you go watch a game, you must go to watch a game. You’re not there to woo your clients or lather your boss.

#17. Make your son a lefty – It is advantageous in any sport.

#18. You’re immune to cold – Unless you’re actually suffering from frostbite.

#19. No granny shots – If even Shaq doesn’t do it (his free throw percentage is somewhere around 50%, which is AWFUL), neither should you.

#21. Use every four-letter word but one

#22. End the call first – The key is intent. You mustn’t be the blabberer.

#23. Fear commitment – Why make a lifelong commitment based on a feeling of caprice? People change. You change.

#24. She must be at least half your age, plus seven – Only applies to you if you’re over 16.

#26. Never ask for her number – Never give her the chance to say no. There’s a better way.

#27. Always hold the door – Light the cigarette, hail her cab, help her with her coat, carry her heavy objects. It’s about chivalry.

#28. Go for RBIs, not batting average – The key to meeting women is not giving a shit. You need to be loose, fearless, unsaddled by expectations.

#30. Don’t take things slow – Guys never want to take things slow.

#32. Count proteins, not calories – Counting calories is for girls. You’re not even sure that calories exist, actually.

#35. Order food that’s simpler, larger, and fattier than the girl’s

#36. You don’t trust this “yoga”

#37. No straws, cherries, or umbrellas – You should also avoid drinking out of a straw as often as possible, unless it’s McDonalds.

#40. Properly order steak – And never ever order it well-done

#43. No baths – When you take a bath, you literally wallow in your own filth.

#44. Only wear sunglasses when it’s sunny

#45. Have the guts to wear pink – It means you’re bold and confident

#48. Dress your age – No Hawaiian shirts, no hipster belts, no saggy jeans, no ironic t-shirts (we get it)

#52. Manage time without a time management system

#55. Never volunteer to take notes

#56. Kick up, kiss down – You may never kiss ass of anyone above you on the company org chart. Your subordinates, however, you treat like gold.

#59. No buzzwords – Use real words that have real meanings, not a verbal diarrhea of corporate gobbledygook.

#62. Your favorite book may not be The Da Vinci Code – Or books by Tom Clancy, Steven King or Robert Ludlum. Real men read real books.

#63. Know how to chug a beer. Know not to

#64. You never cry. Ever. – What separates men from women and toddlers is the ability to keep our inside feelings where they belong – the inside. Kleenex tissues may only be used for two bodily fluids: one’s mucus and the other isn’t tears.

#65. Control the world with technology – You like gadgets. You can rewire speakers. You can set up Wi-Fi.

#66. You see eye to eye with Jack Bauer

#68. No chitchatting at the movies – Like most of life, movies are meant to be enjoyed in silence.

#71. You can handle silence – The mark of a great friendship is the ability to treat your friend like a total stranger. Silence means confidence, self-assurance. It signals mutual respect.

#72. Never ask another man how you look

#78. Cockblock and die – If your buddy’s flirting with the blonde at the bar, it’s obviously unacceptable for you to hijack the conversation.

#86. First date is always drinks

#87. Being considerate doesn’t make you a wimp – It’s okay to keep her company for Project Runway or watch some Kate Hudson flick. In the sixth-most-carnage-soaked “guy movie” of all time, Mel Gibson spends his entire life clinging to a girl’s flower. Is William Wallace a pussy?

#97. Pain? What pain? – If we cop to pain, then we concede our own fallibility. We’re equally unfazed by emotional pain. It’s better to bury that pain inside, bottle it up, and then unleash our fury when it’s least expected and most unwarranted.

#100. Never blindly follow rules or maxims – “Themes” to being a real man include integrity, fidelity to friends and family, valuing substance over style, self-confidence, self-improvement.



Directed and written by Wong Kar Wai

I just finished watching this movie for the third time, and it surprises me that each time I watch this movie I fall in love with it even more. I may be a WKW fanboy, but how is it possible for one not to empathize with the characters and not be enthralled by Doyle’s exquisite cinematography? If you are looking for a movie to watch, I recommend you watch Days of Being Wild and In The Mood for Love to ready yourself for this epic masterpiece, 2046.


Sorry for the delay since the last update. It’s not that I have been busy; I was just being lazy, which I definitely shouldn’t have been. So here it is, the highlight of my holiday, visiting Machu Picchu!

We took a train called the ‘Hiram Bingham’ (named after the man who discovered Machu Picchu) there from Cusco. It was a luxury train, but quite an experience as the train ride was full of exhilarating views of the jungle, the Urubamba river and the Andes mountains.

Hiram Bingham Train


The food was excellent too. At Machu Picchu we stayed at The Sanctuary Lodge. It’s funny how the Hiram Bingham and The Sanctuary Lodge are owned by the same group…it’s no wonder they’re able to jack up the prices so damn high (800 USD a night at The Sanctuary Lodge and 500USD a roundtrip on the Hiram Bingham). It was getting to be a @#$%in expensive trip. Luckily, everything was free at the Sanctuary Lodge, so we dined at the most exclusive restaurant and ate ourselves silly. It’s funny that I was able to gain more weight during the Peru trip eating quality food (starter, entree and dessert) than while I was in the US stuffing myself silly with In-N-Out Burgers in the west and Friendly’s in the east.

We went to Machu Picchu twice. Once was the afternoon we got there and the second time was the next morning to watch the sunrise. In case you didn’t know, Machu Picchu is regarded as one of the new seven wonders of the world and is often referred to as the lost city of the incas. It was discovered and made famous in 1911, which is amazing because it was not found by the Spanish when they conquered and ruled Peru, so when it was discovered it was in its pristine state. Also interesting is that there were no inhabitants when it was discovered, meaning that those who lived in Machu Picchu either fled the village during the Spanish rule or all died of some sort of epidemic. It has some of the world’s most breathtaking views. Here are some pics.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
An alternate view of Machu Picchu
An alternate view of Machu Picchu, nestled deep in the mountains


the mountains around machu picchu are breathtaking
the mountains around machu picchu are breathtaking

Amazing. I’ll definitely visit machu picchu again along with the nasca lines next time I go to Peru.

Cusco and the Sacred Valley

It’s been a while since the last update, due to the events of the past week.

After LA we took an 8 hour flight down to Peru. To me, Peru is as exotic as it gets. It’s literally halfway across the world from Hong Kong and mirrored latitudinally in the Southern Hemisphere. We landed in Lima and after one night we flew to Cusco, the capital of the ancient Incan empire. We first headed to Urubamba, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, one of the empire’s main points for the extraction of natural wealth, and the best place for maize production in Peru.

On the way to the Sacred Valley
On the way to the Sacred Valley
In the Sacred Valley, we stayed in small bungalows like these
In the Sacred Valley, we stayed in a small bungalow
The Urubamba river and the Andes mountains
The Urubamba river and the Andes mountains

We visited Ollantaytambo, an Inca archaeological site that starts the Inca trail. It is a panoramic beauty but walking up the stairs was very tiring because of a lack of exercise and the high altitudes of the mountains (Sacred ‘Valley’ is nestled between the mountains of the Andes range but nonetheless located approximately 2500 meters above sealevel).

At the foot of Ollantaytambo

Ollantaytambo was originally a temple in the sacred valley, but later became a fortress the Incas used against the Spanish conquerors. It looks a hundred times better in real life than in pictures because of its overwhelming size/height and the scenic view overlooking the valley, the little town of Urubamba and the mountains behind from the top.

After staying the night in the Sacred Valley, we traveled to nearby Pisac to visit the Pisac market. Peru (or the Amazon for that matter) is famous for its gems and stones, notably birth stones, so I got a few of them. Then, we went to Sacsayhuamán, an Inca walled complex near the old city of Cusco, at an altitude of 3,701 m (approx 12,000 feet). We didn’t wear oxygen masks, so we were easily out of breath after a few steps. It’s hard to breathe when the air is so thin.

The rocks at Sacsayhuamán are so huge!!!
The rocks at Sacsayhuamán are so big!!!

It’s unbelievable how the Incas were able to carry 100-ton rocks all the way to the top of the mountain, and carve them in order for them to fit perfectly on top of one another without cement or any adhesive! Note that they were able to build this at such an altitude more than a thousand years ago before the invention of wheels in Inca civilization!

Next we headed to the Llama farm, to see llamas, alpacas and vicunas! They were domesticated so they were extremely tame and cute. Alpacas have beautiful camel-like eyes and fur so soft you cannot even feel them. HO LUNN DUK YEE!! They’re like sheep except smaller, softer, gentler, prettier, cuter and better ~~ and Llamas are the smaller, cuter versions of camels lol. Vicunas are cute as well, except less friendly and more violent. Their wool is the absolute highest grade that can sell for thousands of USD because their wool can only be sheared off once they are shot and killed due to their vicious nature.

Breathtaking view of Urubamba, the Sacred Valley
Breathtaking shot of Urubamba, the Sacred Valley

We spent a night in Cusco and I found it to be difficult to sleep because of the lack of oxygen in the air. I constantly needed the oxygen tank in order to breathe properly and acclimatize. It was necessary to acclimatize quickly and get plenty of rest because the next day we were going to go to Machu Picchu…