Sorry for the delay since the last update. It’s not that I have been busy; I was just being lazy, which I definitely shouldn’t have been. So here it is, the highlight of my holiday, visiting Machu Picchu!

We took a train called the ‘Hiram Bingham’ (named after the man who discovered Machu Picchu) there from Cusco. It was a luxury train, but quite an experience as the train ride was full of exhilarating views of the jungle, the Urubamba river and the Andes mountains.

Hiram Bingham Train


The food was excellent too. At Machu Picchu we stayed at The Sanctuary Lodge. It’s funny how the Hiram Bingham and The Sanctuary Lodge are owned by the same group…it’s no wonder they’re able to jack up the prices so damn high (800 USD a night at The Sanctuary Lodge and 500USD a roundtrip on the Hiram Bingham). It was getting to be a @#$%in expensive trip. Luckily, everything was free at the Sanctuary Lodge, so we dined at the most exclusive restaurant and ate ourselves silly. It’s funny that I was able to gain more weight during the Peru trip eating quality food (starter, entree and dessert) than while I was in the US stuffing myself silly with In-N-Out Burgers in the west and Friendly’s in the east.

We went to Machu Picchu twice. Once was the afternoon we got there and the second time was the next morning to watch the sunrise. In case you didn’t know, Machu Picchu is regarded as one of the new seven wonders of the world and is often referred to as the lost city of the incas. It was discovered and made famous in 1911, which is amazing because it was not found by the Spanish when they conquered and ruled Peru, so when it was discovered it was in its pristine state. Also interesting is that there were no inhabitants when it was discovered, meaning that those who lived in Machu Picchu either fled the village during the Spanish rule or all died of some sort of epidemic. It has some of the world’s most breathtaking views. Here are some pics.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
An alternate view of Machu Picchu
An alternate view of Machu Picchu, nestled deep in the mountains


the mountains around machu picchu are breathtaking
the mountains around machu picchu are breathtaking

Amazing. I’ll definitely visit machu picchu again along with the nasca lines next time I go to Peru.


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