On my to see list for the next two months:


Enter Shikari (10th)

The Fray (18th)

Phoenix (28th)


Mew (10th)

Muse (12th)

Arctic Monkeys (17th)

65daysofstatic (18th)


Back to London~

I got the aisle seat on the flight back but didn’t get much sleep. I watched 2 movies: The Hangover (funny shit but no lesson learned [6/10]) and Johnnie To’s Mad Detective or 神探, which was as expected a top-notch film directed and acted to the highest caliber (8/10). Today is going by so slowly…so this is how it feels to be lonely and tired. I landed at 6:30 this morning and did not get much sleep on the plane. Nonetheless I’m semi-torturing myself to stay up all day. The internet in my room is well slow (max 30kb/s) so I can’t watch any videos or play any online games. If I can get through this tortuous day I can get through anything!

End of summer: Goals for London!

(This post is for my own reference, so will naturally sound self-absorbed)

This is my last week in Hong Kong and needless to say I have failed most of my summer goals! I attribute this to poor planning and time management. I finished reading only 3 books, couldn’t make any films nor use any film programs, forgot to take up guitar lessons, didn’t make any progress in poker, and didn’t read 三國志 (this will change). I realized that becoming a wine-snob was extremely time consuming and expensive so that’s an item I will not pursue, unless I move to France.

I will be a very busy person when I move back to London. I aim to:

1. Make the honors class. This means staying ahead of classes: making notes everyday (!), attending as many lectures as I can and attending every single tutorial class. This also means not attending pointless club parties and staying out way too late.

2. Make about 1000 pounds a week. I will do this by going to the casino to play poker. Buy-in 200 pounds and play until I double the amount I bought in for, and then cash out. If I bust I will walk away and not rebuy for the day. I will need to play solid small-ball poker, establish a tight image and keep the pots reasonably small so I will not face difficult decisions on the river.

3. Carry on making films. Join the film club, meet new people, keep writing scripts, learn to use Final Cut Pro.

4. Keep up with exercise. Join tennis club, go to the gym regularly!