Poker: Shonblog Challenge

Heads up NLHE challenge, inspired by durrrr challenge.

Blinds: HKD5/10
Table max buy-in: HKD2000

1) Winner is decided after 5k hands or until one surrenders.
2) Each player MUST BE ABLE TO PAY UP (this is an issue of  trust).
3) If challenger runs out of monies and is no longer able to complete the remaining hands, he automatically loses. Obviously this applies to me too.
4) Money will be exchanged in person. If the challenger is in Hong Kong, it will be exchanged during summer.
5) Challenges will be carried out one at a time.

– If played on PokerStars, play in heads up play money rooms of 1/2 stakes as there is no rake.
– Before the challenge is initiated, each player starts off with 1,000 play chips.
– Play of up to 4tables can be carried out at a time depending on the challenger’s preferences.
– At the start of each session/add-on, total number of chips will be recorded.
– At the end of each session/bust, each player’s total playchips will be recorded.
– Whenever a player adds on, he must notify the other player. He must then sit-out of the tables in play before conducting a formal count of chips. When both parties are ready, the player can reload and resume play.
– After 5k hands, the loser will owe the winner:
(Difference between the two players total chips in their cashier / 2) x 5 HKD

Updates will be posted here after each session. First up: Jay Gonzalezzzzzzzz!


3 thoughts on “Poker: Shonblog Challenge”

  1. In addition, I challenge you to doubling stakes and 10k hands, 4-6 tabling. I also leave up the option of HUSnG (play money ones if you like or $2 ones)4 tabling if you prefer that, for 250-500 games, again, 4-6 tabling.

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