2.5k hands played, up HKD16.5k against Jay

With 2,467 hands to go, I’m up HKD16.5k against Jay Gonzalez. So far, we’ve played a total of 5 sessions (overall 10.9 hours) of HU NLHE, alternating between 1-tabling and 2-tabling.

That gives me an average of 6.6BB/100 hands, a decent figure considering I lost HKD5k during the second session. Unfortunately, I cannot show many interesting hands (to say the least) we played because there is a problem with posting sessions on weak-tight.com.

Jay has headed to vegas to recuperate his losses. I’ll keep this blog updated when he’s back.

One hand I think I played well:

SB Hero $443
BB balla852 $357
  • Pre-Flop ($3, 2 players)Hero is SB
  • dK h8

Hero raises to $6, balla852 calls $4

  • Flop ($12, 2 players)
  • dT d9 c7

balla852 bets $6, Hero raises to $22, balla852 calls $16

  • Turn ($56, 2 players)
  • hT

balla852 bets $22, Hero calls $22

  • River ($100, 2 players)
  • d2

balla852 bets $45, Hero raises to $140, balla852 folds

  • Final Pot: $285
  • Hero wins $285 (net +$95)
  • balla852 lost $95

~~~~~ And here’s the biggest pot of the challenge so far (HKD6k pot)

SB balla852 $459
BB Hero $741
  • Pre-Flop ($3, 2 players)Hero is BB
  • hK dK
balla852 raises to $6, Hero raises to $22, balla852 calls $16

  • Flop ($44, 2 players)
  • cT c7 cQ
Hero bets $33, balla852 raises to $68, Hero goes all-in $719, balla852 goes all-in $369

  • Turn ($1,200, 2 players, 2 all-in)
  • c8
  • River ($1,200, 2 players, 2 all-in)
  • sK
  • Final Pot: $1,200
  • Hero shows three of a kind, Kings
  • hKdK
  • balla852 shows a pair of Tens
  • dAdT
  • Hero wins $1,200 (net +$459)
  • balla852 lost $459

Against a normal opponent, over-shoving over a raise on that board with KK with no club would seem rather foolish, but Jay is no ordinary opponent. So I guess he had to put me on a crazy draw with ace of clubs, or perhaps a straight and a flush draw, to call my shove with 2nd pair with no redraw (against which he would be just about flipping with).


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