Square one

This is it. I just ordered a keyboard and a 23-inch monitor that should arrive sometime this or next week. I also deposited USD1.5k into my pokerstars account. There’s no looking back from here on; I’m going for the grind.

[x] PokerStars
[x] Poker Tracker 3 (now compatible with mac!)
[x] BlazingStars (Hotkey program)
[x] Money in account
[x] Monitor, mouse and keyboard!

Now, I just need to play my A-game and not go on tilt. If I bust this, I have no more reason to play online poker. I’m going to play 9-12tables of 25NL first to get the feel of the routine, the equipment and the HUD until I reach 2k. Then I’ll switch to 50NL until I reach 4k, when I move up to 100NL. I HOPE to obtain a steady, 25-degree straight-line a la nanonoko by the end of the year, everyday a new career peak, and reach USD50K for vegas ’11!!

I want this
Not this!

Wish me luck!