Head Trash and Mindset

Having head trash is normal for everybody – it’s only human nature. Human beings are naturally equipped with brains that are capable of sophisticated thinking, and naturally we are built that way so when there is a problem we can solve them. However, the difficulty arises between separating actual problems and potential problems. As a result, we tend to worry ourselves with problems that aren’t actually problems. It is important to be aware of potential challenges that may arise, but until they come up, they are really only  just possibilities. Notably, there is a probability that such possibilities may happen, but there is also a probability that such possibilities might not happen. This is when you begin to overthink and analyze an idea, instead of something that actually needs to be analyzed and solved. And most of the time, we don’t realize it when we’re overthink. This is part of having “head trash”. It’s really important to be aware of head trash when you have it, because you can then realize when it’s best to clear your head and focus on what’s real and tangible at the moment. And enjoy the moment.

Being in the moment and owning your feelings at the time is what’s most important. It’s the very basis of happiness. It’s also one of the hardest things to do in life if you’re a thinking person. We shouldn’t ever get ahead of ourselves, make assumptions, and be fearful of something that might not actually happen in the future or at the time. That phenomenon is called: “being paranoid”. It’s unrealistic, because it is intangible and all happens in your head…at the time. That is head trash. While it’s important to be aware, don’t let head trash ever get in the way of your happiness.


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