WDI Week 1 Reflection

18 Jan 2016

Last week was the first week of WDI. By the end of it on Friday afternoon, it felt like a very long week. Everybody was clearly knackered after Friday when we had drinks, and went home early. Although the hours of class are very tolerable (9-5), the activities that happened after class made it tiring.

During the week, we covered the basics of using the CLI, HTML, CSS and JavaScript in class, and implemented them in the lab exercises (which is a fancy term for saying homework). These lab exercises are killer, and require a lot of time for individual research. On Tuesday, our lab exercise was to replicate a 2-page website from scratch using HTML. On Wednesday, our lab exercise was to replicate a fancy landing page from scratch using HTML and CSS. On Thursday, we learned about bootstrap (not really how to use it), and our lab exercise was to recreate a homepage that looks the same as thenextweb.com. Our lab exercise involved solving some challenging JavaScript problems using string and array methods. I used the weekend to read up about bootstrap and the documentation.

I suppose the reason I (almost) died was because I stupidly decided to watch movies and go drinking on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I would go home past midnight having not put in sufficient hours for the lab exercises, and then sleep around 2:30am rushing to catch up (even though I am too tired to remember anything I had done). It’s stupid and I really need to prohibit having social activities during the weekdays if I want to make the most of WDI. I need to dedicate at least 5 hours to doing lab exercises & gym after school and follow my plan! This will be my goal for the rest of the week.


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