Final days in London

Apart from packing, watching movies and walking around the city looking for a place to stay next year made up my final days in London. I visited another two student halls, Albany House and University Hall, before realizing that it was cheaper and more flexible if I found a studio or 1-bedroom flat next year with the help of Globrix, an amazing website. Yesterday, Ron, Kenta and I went to Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush to watch Terminator: Salvation.

The outside of Shepherd's Bush station looks a lot like an Asian city
The outside of Shepherd's Bush station looks a lot like an Asian city

And in case you didn’t know, Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush is the biggest shopping mall in all of Europe:

The posh bit
The posh bit

We didn’t buy anything though, we just went to watch a movie lol.

To be honest, Terminator: Salvation was quite mediocre. I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10 because of its amazing action, computer effects and expensive camera shots. Otherwise, I’d probably give it a 5 at best. Nonetheless, the Christian Bale incident certainly affected my judgment of the movie having seen it on youtube prior to watching the movie, lol.


Hall Hunting – Therese Hall

Today I started looking for halls to stay in for the next academic year. Why halls instead of flats? Well both have their plus and negative sides, but halls are much cheaper and less troublesome than flats in terms of paying the rent, moving things, security, cleaning, and other maintenance worries (very important to me). Furthermore, there is always the possibility of a good hall community. I first looked at Therese House in Barbican…


Rooms were alright, nothing special…the only complaint I have is to do with space (very important).


The surrounding area is architecturally bare, but plenty of food options nonetheless. Within 2 minutes walking distance, there is both a Costcutter and a Tesco, Starbucks, Pret, Japanese Diner, Pizzeria, 2 Coffee shops and a bakery. There is also the restaurant Yuki works in (Life), a HSBC for banking services, a Ladbrokes stall for all my online deposits ;) and a hardware store…perfect. However, there are very few bus services (no nightbuses aside from 243), and I will have MAJOR trouble getting to and from the West End (clubs, casino and Chinatown).

So this is Barbican...sounds like barbed can (jail)
So this is Barbican...looks like a barbed can (jail) to me

Hall & Price: 7
Surrounding Area: 9 (would have been PERFECT if the area had better architecture)
Location: 3
Overall: 6