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Phoenix Live @ O2 Brixton & 65daysofstatic Live @ Heaven

The popular band Phoenix played on the 28th of October and the post-rock group 65daysofstatic played in London last Wednesday. Since I missed them both at this summer’s Summer Sonic, I was determined not to miss them again in London. Nonetheless, I did forget to bring my camera both times…

Though I felt that at times I couldn’t hear much of the vocals and the guitar because we were right in front of the woofers, Phoenix gave a spectacular performance. They covered all the songs we were looking forward to, ending the night with 2 of their best (well my favorite at least) songs: “If I Ever Feel Better” and then “1901” for the encore. We really looked forward to seeing Phoenix, listening to them non-stop for the week before they played built us up a lot of anticipation and excitement. And Phoenix didn’t fail to disappoint!

Here are some pics I took off Yuki’s blog:

On the 18th of November, Victor and I went to see 65daysofstatic. I had seen clips of them playing live on youtube and have been dying to see them for the past 6 months. Though we were fairly let down that several songs weren’t played (“I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood”, “This Cat Is A Landmine” & “Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here” to name a few), me and vic still had a blast. Listening to post rock live is a mindblowing experience!

Here is a clip I found on youtube of the gig last Wednesday…pity the sound quality is quite sh*t when the bass kicks in but you can tell that the crowd was literally full of die-hard 65 fans.

Watch this to get a better feeling of how 65daysofstatic sounds like live (start from 1:09):